sharing life-affirming purpose with others is its own reward. we are so grateful to those of you who share this work in your own lives, and appreciate those who support the work we do. we are all partners in a larger effort. thank you!! 


Your tax-deductible donation empowers the long-term protection of animals while building durable food systems that provide health and habitat to a great diversity of life--for all time.

Help us meet our annual goal of raising $37,000 for the ducks (which includes food, bedding, necessary supplies, and vet care--nothing else). Feel free to contact us if you would like a more detailed explanation of our annual budget needs.

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A 50# bag of feed = $24.00 

A bale of hay (delivered) = $4.50 

A 50# bag of grit = $18.00


All who run the sanctuary are volunteers. You can help us with daily projects like mucking stalls, and with bigger projects like pen clean-outs, helping unload straw, small carpentry repairs, hauling water, helping harvest, spreading mulch, stacking firewood. We provide training, and appreciate those who volunteer on a regular basis. We welcome your ideas and expertise as well. For those who want to make a volunteer vacation out of it, we can accomodate you overnight in a private apartment with an equipped vegan kitchen.  Click STAY for details. 

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gratitude to our many generous supporters and allies


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