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Forest Dashi

the SHO Food Experience & permaculture food lab

A 7-hour all-plant gastronomic event 

Full-day unique tasting menu in an intimate, 5-person setting complete with instruction distilled from dedicated culinary study. The day includes ongoing mentorship in food and land-stewardship subjects, membership in a graduate learning community, drop-in tastings, discounts on short courses, and a $50 discount on the Earth Asset Land Lab course and on Sancutary stays. $250. All proceeds support the non-profit mission of Sanctuary at SHO. Each class offers a sixth space for $100, in exchange for bussing and clean-up help during the class (priority will be given to professionals and students in the fields of permaculture, horticulture, animal rights, and vegan cuisine). This is an information-rich course designed to both help professionals take their cuisine and growing to the next level, and to delight those interested in an expansive and delicious experience. 

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Deliciousness without ethics is just a taste sensation. Deliciousness with ethics lights up the entire neural net of connectivity to life, a taste transcending sensation, feeding the soul, leaving you wanting more, wanting to give more, and enabling you to participate in a far deeper pleasure that comes from the source of life itself.
— Melissa Hoffman

Earth asset land lab

An intimate day of in-depth, expert advice for most land-planning needs, emphasizing legal, tax, valuation, and conservation for one or multi-party ownership. Also covered: pro-wildlife and plant food systems strategies--true legacy planning. How land owners can create sanctuaries for life, and support a new life-positive economy.  Bring your specific questions. Includes vegan lunch from our own chef, Melissa Hoffman. Suitable for land-owners, those thinking of purchasing, conserving, or investing in land, attorneys, appraisers, & brokers. What everyone should know (but likely doesn't) about land stewardship and ownership. How to avoid pitfalls in the marketplace.  Especially great for women.  $500


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My goal is to ensure value-integrity in all phases of land ownership through expert due diligence and planning; to demonstrate how visionary stewardship can build biological and financial capital and generate an ethical, land-based economy.
— Shawn Smith
Seaberries grown at SHO

Seaberries grown at SHO

Private instructional tastings from the permaculture food lab.

1.5 hours, 2 person minimum, $50 per person. All proceeds support the sanctuary.  3-day notice required.

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rewilding agriculture

Learn from us as we endeavor design food systems in harmonious relationship to wildlife (birds, mammals, amphibians) to simultaneously increase the fertility of plantings, help propagate a system, and provide high quality yields. This is a sophisticated body of knowledge gleaned from our years of working with renowned wildlife biologists, foresters, and agroforestry practitioners on our 1300 acre farm. Most agriculture displaces wildife. It is essential to design food systems that address the challenges of future biodiversity loss. We are working on a model that studies and works with wildife—bears, moose, deer, fox, coyote, mink, otter, turkey, songbirds, snakes, toads, frogs, woodchucks, mice, voles, raptors, pollinators—in the design of food systems. We also study patterns of succession over time—ie how a pasture wants to become woodland—and we work with that process to create the conditions for perennials that can meet fertility,  wildlife, and human needs. Mowing regimes, carbon sequestration, nutrient flows, maximizing field-edge diversity, plant propagation, composting, growing mulch and fertility crops next to food crops, strategies for avoiding damaging browse on fruit trees--these subjects and more are included in the class. These strategies build upon permaculture and ethical design science. 

7-hour class, limit 7-10 per class, $200. All proceeds support the sanctuary. Bring your own lunch, we will have some snacks and seaberry nectars to share. 

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Deep Dives

Making probiotic, adaptogenic Water-kefir-meads and ales that help strengthen the immune system, prevent lyme disease, and dazzle the taste buds.

Our most recent experiment in the Permaculture Food Lab! A 2-hour class includes tastings, and everything you need to know to start making your own probiotic health elixers. Tips and tricks from over 4 years of experimentation. 10-person limit, 6-person minimum. Bring a friend and feel free to wander around the farm after the class.  $50 per person. Want to make a weekend out of it? Click on STAY in our main navigation to learn about how you can stay at our Sanctuary. All proceeds from this class and the stay go to support the Sanctuary at SHO. Previous attendees of SHO FOOD EXPERIENCE receive 20% off of this Deep Dive class!!

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The animals thank you!

The animals thank you!

Black locust in bloom, fantastic early food source for pollinators, excellent edible flower, flavorful infusion for syrups and brews.

Black locust in bloom, fantastic early food source for pollinators, excellent edible flower, flavorful infusion for syrups and brews.