How to incorporate wild and rescue animals in regenerative farm design

This article offers important language to learn (especially for vegans) in discussing the role of animals, both wild and human-bred, in healthy food systems. This author, Nassim Nobari at Seed the Commons, emphasizes that while animals are central to healthy farm ecosystems, they need not be either captive-bred, nor do they need to be killed for profit. While we believe that farmed animals CAN certainly be a part of a regenerative system, we're challenging ourselves to not treat the as commodities in such systems. For those interested in re-establishing a non-exploitive relationship with animals, we're developing faming strategies that incorporate wildlife and rescue animals in a no-kill context. It's important to challeng the very concept of 'livestock' while embracing an informed and renewed relationship to animals, biodiversity, and ecosystems.

"Proponents of regenerative agriculture misrepresent vegans as advocating for ecosystems without animals. They posit that animals fulfill integral functions in their ecosystems and that without them, an ecosystem can only be unhealthy and an agricultural system can only be unsustainable. Nobody is disagreeing with them, but we don’t need to commodify animals for animal life to be present. In fact, grazing in California is wiping out the diversity of animal life to make way for a few species we have decided to subjugate and profit off of."